community champion for students, teachers, and Staff 

As a faculty member, I know , personally, how essential education is to creating a vibrant and productive society. Having been in the classroom for over twenty years, I’ve seen education change lives and am inspired everyday by students and  their ability to dream, hope, and attain their goals amidst the many obstacles on their path. 

Statewide, I am active on the State Academic Senate (ASCCC). I have been on the Legislation and Advocacy, Curriculum, Academic Integrity, Education Policy, and Governance and Internal Policies committees. These involvements have given me the knowledge, understanding, and experience with legislation before they trickle down through the System into our Districts, then into the classrooms.

Regionally, I am a Commissioner on the Accrediting body for all community colleges in California (ACCJC). My work with ACCJC allows me to see how colleges throughout California operate in the areas of governance, integrated planning, quality of educational programs, integrity within the learning environment, and in fiscal planning and allocation.

The Peralta Colleges -- Merritt, Laney, Berkeley City, and College of Alameda--have extraordinary staff and faculty who are committed to providing excellent education for all students.   However,  excellence in education requires excellence in governance.  

It is time for the Peralta District to be the critical resources the Colleges were intended to be.

It is time for the Board to provide effective oversight and an  active governance model that encourages and respects stakeholder input.

It is time that the Board ensure accountability through clear, transparent, and frequent communication with the external and internal communities the District serves and supports. 

My experience in the classroom with students, my involvement at the state level  on State Academic Senate committees (ASCCC),  and my continual training as a Commissioner on the regional accrediting body for community colleges (ACCJC) give me the knowledge, insight, and perspective that this board lacks and..... very desperately needs. 

This is the change our communities deserve. I am the champion that will bring that change. We have much work ahead of us, but we can do this together. 

Will you join me?




Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Certificate, Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education

MA, San Francisco State University

BA, Comparative Literature, University of California

BA, Art History, University of California