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Elected Officials and Community Leaders:

  • Congressman Mike Honda (Retired)

  • Betty Yee, CA State Controller

  • Nancy Skinner, CA State Senate

  • Rob Bonta, CA State Assembly Member

  • Tony Thurmond, CA State Assembly Member

  • Wilma Chan, President, Board of Supervisors

  • Loni Hancock, CA State Senator (Ret); Former CA State Assembly; Former Mayor, Berkeley

  • Tom Bates, Former CA State Assembly; Former Mayor, Berkeley

  • Evan Low, CA State Assembly

  • Delaine Eastin, CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Retired)

  • Sheila Jordan, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools (Retired), former Oakland City Council member

  • Fiona Ma, CA State Board of Equalization

  • Jesse Arreguín, Mayor, Berkeley

  • Melissa Wilk, Alameda County Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller

  • Dan Kalb, Oakland City Council Member (District 1)

  • Julina Bonilla, Peralta Community College Board of Trustees (Area 1)

  • Karen Weinstein, Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees (Area 6)  

  • Nicky González Yuen, Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees (Area 4)

  • Shanthi Gonzalez, Oakland Unified School Board of Trustees (District 6) 

  • Teddy Gray King, Vice Mayor, Piedmont

  • Malia Vella, Vice Mayor, City of Alameda

  • Gus Newport, Former Mayor, Berkeley

  • Lori Droste, District 8 Council Member, Berkeley

  • Kate Harrison, District 4 Council Member, Berkeley

  • Judy Appel, Vice President, Berkeley Unified School District Board of Education (Berkeley School Board)

  • Ty Alper, Director, Berkeley Unified School District School Board (Berkeley School Board)

  • Beatriz-Leyva Cutler, Director, Berkeley Unified School District School Board

  • Dee Rosario, East Bay Regional Park District, Board of Directors

  • Margaret Gordon, Co-founder and Co-director, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project; former Commissioner, Port of Oakland

  • Cecilia Valdez, San Pablo Councilmember

  • Igor Tregub, Berkeley Rent Board member

  • Phong La, candidate for Alameda County Assessor, small business owner

  • Aimee Allison, President, Democracy in Color, founder of She the People; Peralta Area 5 resident

  • Gabriel Quinto, Mayor, El Cerrito

  • Ces Rosales, Northern CA Vice Chair, Women’s Caucus, CA Democratic Party

  • Wendy Bloom, CA Democratic Party Central Committee Executive Board; member, CA Nurses Association

  • Hilary Crosby, President of California Democratic Council; former CDP Controller

  • David Kakishiba, Executive Director, EBAYC; former President, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education

  • Andy Kelley, Alameda County Planning Commissioner

  • Floyd Huen, MD, Block by Block Organizing Network


  • Alameda County Labor Council

  • Alameda County Democratic Central Committee   

  • Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County

  • Block by Block Organizing Network

  • The East Bay Express

  • The East Bay Times

  • East Bay Women’s Political Alliance

  • East Bay Young Democrats

  • Global Citizenship Alliance

  • IBEW Local 595

  • Metropolitan Greater Oakland Democratic Club

  • National United Healthworkers Union

  • Oakland Rising

  • Peralta Federation Teachers

  • SEIU 1021 

  • Sheet Metal Workers, Local 104

  • Wellstone Democratic Club

Peralta Community College District Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Jennifer Shanoski, President, Peralta Federation of Teachers

  • Richard Thoele, SEIU 1021 Chapter President, Peralta Community Colleges

  • Cleavon Smith, President, Peralta Community College District Academic Senate

  • Donald Moore, President, Laney College Academic Senate

  • Kelly Pernell, President, Berkeley City College Academic Senate

  • Jeff Sanceri, Chair, Peralta Federation of Teachers, Committee on Political Education

  • Michael Mills, Chair, Citizen’s Oversight Committee

  • Indra Thadani, Health Service Director, Peralta Colleges; Laney College Health Education Instructor

  • Robert Brem, College of Alameda, Chair, Political Science and Social Justice Department

  • Scott Hoshida, Instructor , Berkeley City College (English)

  • Blake Johnson, Instructor, Laney College (History)

  • Kimberly King, Instructor, Merritt (Psychology); Advisor, UMOJA-Ubaka

  • Chris Weidenbach, Instructor, Laney College (English)

  • Alicia Caballero Christenson, Laney College, Chair, Ethnic Studies Department

  • Susan Schacher, Instructor, Laney College (Basic Skills, Retired)

  • Louis Quindlen, Instructor, Laney College (Machine Technology)

  • Juana Alicia Montoya, Instructor (retired) Berkeley City College; muralist

  • Gabriel Martinez, Department Chair, Counseling, Berkeley City College


  • Julie Bruno, Past President, Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges

  • Dr. David Morse, Past President, Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges

  • Gretchen Ehlers, President, Academic Senate, West Valley College

  • Bradley Davis, President, West Valley College

  • Dr. Matais Pouncil, Interim Provost, West Valley College

  • Dr. Lori Gaskin, Retired President/Superintendent, Santa Barbara City College

  • Dr. Augie Gallego, Chancellor Emeritus, San Diego Community College District; Board Member, UC San Diego Foundation; Board Member, Global Citizenship Alliance

  • Dr. Jochen Fried, Founder, Global Citizenship Alliance; Former Education Director, Salzburg Global

  • Heidi Brueckner, Artist, Art Professor, West Valley College

  • Lenore Harris, Writer, English Faculty, West Valley College

  • Boris Nikolic, Math Professor, University of California, Berkeley  

Neighbors and Leaders:

  • Pamela Drake, Author, DRAKETALK Oakland; Wellstone Democratic Club, State and Local Politics Coordinator; Member, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, 18th District; Political Action Chair, BBBON

  • Stephen Walrod, Founder, Oakland Leaf

  • Steven Fox, Development Director, Oakland Leaf

  • Odiaka Gonzalez, Executive Director, Oakland Leaf

  • Dr. Kay Taylor, Founder PINCC; former President, Soroptimist - Oakland Chapter

  • Erin Lewellen, President and CEO, Global Citizenship Year

  • Jennifer Coward

  • Sonia Delen

  • Kathy deRosas, Artist, Educator

  • Ann Fishlinger

  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Author, Advocate, Animologist

  • Jean Hom

  • Dan Hyman

  • Donna Luporini Kaplan, Educator, Counselor

  • Edward Kaplan

  • Pooneh Koohyar

  • Alan Kren

  • Dr. Debbie Lewinsky

  • Sohrab Modi

  • John O’Toole, Director, National Center for Youth Law (Retired)

  • David Ralston

  • Dr. and Mrs. Martin Reiss

  • Pat Sax

  • Scott Sillers 

  • Jennifer Griffith Wayland, Author

  • Mark Wayland

  • Rebecca Welty

  • Jay Zweig

  • Drs. Peter and Priti Patel

  • Tuyen Ho

  • Sandra Doi

  • Ali Koohyar

  • Toni Garrett

  • Carolyn and Edward Henel

  • Drs. Negar and Amir Sheibani

  • Sally Shaver

  • Bridget Waluch and Wells Turner

  • Joe and Clytia Curley









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Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction -- DELAINE EASTIN

Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction -- DELAINE EASTIN