“Cindi Reiss-Candidate for Peralta College Trustee– Every time Cindi opens her mouth to talk about what our local community colleges need, she blows away the competition beyond that even of the incumbent.”

- Pamela Drake

Peralta Community College District Trustee, Area 5: Cindi Reiss

Cindi Reiss is the sort of candidate that you expect to see exciting crowds in a Presidential run, not one for Community  College Board.  She is dynamic, charismatic and brilliant.  An arts professor and a long-time active member of the State Academic Senate, Reiss was recruited by Peralta instructors to run for this seat a year ago – it took her six months to read through every report and document the District had generated and conclude that things were broken and she could figure out how to fix them.  Only then she accepted.   She has the strength to stand up to the college president and any administrator, and the charm to do so disarmingly.  I can only hope that after she fixes Peralta, she’ll run for higher office.

- Marga Lacabe

“Reiss, who holds a doctorate in art history from UC Irvine, teaches at West Valley College in Saratoga. She’s also a commissioner for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, so she should provide keen insight for Peralta, which has had its own accreditation issues. “

East Bay Times

Peralta Colleges Areas 3 & 5: Coreann Todd and Cindi Reiss

East Bay Express, November 2018 Election Guide

San Jose Mercury News , November 2018 Endorsements

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Peralta CCD Trustee – Area 5:  Cynthia Reiss

This was probably the single race on which the endorsements were based on the actual merit of the candidates.

This was one of the most controversial races at the Central Committee.  Instructors at Peralta community colleges are very dissatisfied with the Chancellor, whom they apparently believe is misusing money from a parcel tax.  They’ve recruited a couple of candidates to run against the incumbents in the Board who, apparently, are rubber stamping whatever the Chancellor does.  Labor is backing these candidates.   Meanwhile, the papers have reported financial problems with the district that scream out “board negligence”.   For this reason, I think the Committee members were willing to give the challengers a chance.

…In Area 5, however, Cynthia Reiss was dynamite.  She spent many months reading and analyzing all the financial papers of the district and  talking to different stakeholders before deciding she would run, so she was able to answer all questions expertly.  She is also an exciting and engaging speaker.  The incumbent did not have her breadth of knowledge and is a fairly poor communicator.

Progressive California


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